Finally A Cozy Sunday In My Warm Slippers

Posted by February 20, 2017 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Finally it’s aaaaaalllll over – I can now officially put a „MA“ behind my name. Isn’t that cool? Last Monday has been super stressful. Around lunchtime, I was sitting in Graz to present my thesis and a few hours later I already sat in a plane on my way to Berlin. Around 11pm I arrived at my hotel and went straight to bed, because guess who needed to be at the job at 8am already. After having a lovely breakfast, I Ubered to a studio in Kreuzberg and met my clients for the first time. The whole team was lovely, they provided great food for lunch (vegetarian and vegan, so a dream for me) and I had the luck to work with ongoing great vibes throughout the days. I got a booking on last Friday for an editorial in Paris, so I had to fly from Berlin to Paris on Thursday night. Well, something happened: There was a strike happening and my flight got cancelled. So, I took my chances and embraced life, met a friend of mine, ate some lovely vegan ramen, chilled with tea and talked about music and arts and everything else what’s stuck in my mind. Around midnight I headed to my hotel because my flight to Paris was the first one of the day at 6am in the morning. Well, something happened before I’ve been able to go to sleep: There seemed to be a misunderstanding concerning the spontaneous booking of my room, so the lovely receptionist told me that they unfortunately don’t have a spare room for me at 1am in the morning. They transferred me to another hotel which looked even worse, but I just took a shower and directly went to bed. After only 3 hours of sleep, I took my plane to Paris and guess what: A motorcycle picked me up from the airport so they could make sure that I’m at the shoot asap. The driver provided a thick jacket and blanket for me to keep me warm and I promise you that I didn’t freeze at all. After shooting that editorial in Paris I went straight tot he airport again to fly back home to Austria, because on Saturday, I celebrated my Master’s degree together with my family. Then there’s only Sunday left, and I used that day to relax a bit with my comfy shoes by Marc O’Polo (get them here). I’ve started taking notes concerning my next adventure, and I’m so excited to tell you all about it: Today I’m going to Paris again! I am looking forward to experience my life as a model again and can’t wait to grab a baguette at my favorite bakery there – it’s just so delicious! So feel free to follow my journey on Instagram Stories (@hollerkat) and discover Paris with me!




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