7 Festival Hairstyles You Need To Try

Posted by June 17, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Music

Perfect Festival Hairstyles

Summer festivals are happening around the world and looking cool is a MUST.

The history of festivals dates back to medieval times. It was an excuse to gather people with similar tastes and having a good time together.

Festivals today are not only about its main purpose which could be music for instance, it is a whole experience from the week before until the sunrise after.

We can officially say that attending a festival, has become a seriously premeditated beauty operation. After choosing your outfit, you need a strong hairstyle that looks cute but at the same time practical so it is still looking perfect the next morning when you finish dancing at 6am while watching the sunrise. So let us show you some majestic hair styles for you to include into your pre-festival fashion plan.


There is absolutely no way to go wrong with this style. You can decide on quantity or how to wear it. Individual flowers throughout your chosen hairstyle or even a flower crown, both styles will look beautifully bohemian and very feminine.

Dip-Dyed Style

This style cant fail. It will bring colour to your whole outfit just by dyeing a small part of your hair. You can chose as many colours as you can possibly think off. This style could easily work on a simple ponytail or braids. 

We are top fans of this style!

Our secret suggestion:

Regarding colours, the more the better but we just LOVE pink Dip-Dyed ends!

 Crown braid

This is definitely the prettiest and chic-est option. This hairstyle will not only work for your festival outfits, but it is ideal for any of your summer plans coming ahead like a Rooftop Party!

Our secret suggestion:

If your hair is too short or layered, try buying a Crown Braid headband. All you have to do is wear it as a normal headband and it will look as if it is part of your hair!

Top Knot

Who hasn’t worn a top knot! It is the most typical after party or Sunday choice. But what if you add something to it like a braid or some flowers?

Not only will you be achieving the comfortable goal but you will be rocking the ‘I woke up like this’ trend in the most dazzling way!

Our secret suggestion:

Try braiding it from the back upwards!

Head Band

This is a great option for both, long hair or short hair. It will upgrade your look perfectly to create the messy look we all love. You can find headbands in any colours and they can be styled in different ways. Ponytail, braids, loose hair, buns any of them will work perfectly.

Our secret suggestion:

Head pieces will work perfectly as well as the headband and it will still give you the same messy look!

Double Buns

The good old 90s style, double buns will meet all your festivals requirements.  It is a very easy-to-do style and it can be combined with any accessory or style above.

Our secret suggestion:

Add some hair star glitter on the roots and combine it with different colours!

Braids, braids and more braids

Braids are usually a dominant style chosen for festival or outdoors summer events. There are so many different braid styles that we could go on forever.

Our favourite ones would be Inside-Out Braids, Dutch Braids and Fishtail Braids.

Our secret suggestion:

Try merging any of these into a nice and delicate ponytail!

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