Feeling The Typical LA Vibes

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LA Vibes

Et voilá, here’s my first look from LA! I’m pretty aware that this is one of the most famous walls here and everybody uses it to post pictures of it on Instagram. But let’s be a little bit cliché, okay? At least I didn’t take a selfie in front of it…
I found this shirt in the first week with my friend Marine when we were doing a super touristy thing and went to Hollywood Boulevard a couple of weeks ago. You will have to deal with summery looks for a while now because it still won’t get any colder here. I found these pair of jeans back in Graz and they seem to be the perfect fit – high-waisted flares which are just a comfy pair of jeans to chill with during the weekend. So with this look I’m totally embracing my inner boho vibes. My essentials for it are these boots by Vagabond which you can find either online or in store at HUMANIC. They’re easy going and the perfect addition to your wardrobe. I know that I own a lot of boots (especially back home) but they’re still all different – some of them have a rather blocky heel, other’s are more Rock n’ Roll and some of them aren’t black but grey. With these boots you have a shoe for every season of the year. You can combine them with a dress in summer or a high waisted pair of jeans and a crop top like I did. When it’s getting chillier outside you’ll be super thankful to have boots which will protect your feet from freezing. Even with tights or overknees they can look super lovely for a casual everyday look. And they’re very comfortable to walk with, the heel is only 6 cm high and blocky so you won’t fall and your feet will thank you for not forcing them to walk in 12 cm pumps the whole day.

Last week I just moved to a new apartment in West Hollywood, a more lively and also safe area with lots of restaurants and cool stores around the corner. Unfortunately all my roomies are still in the model house back in Culver City where I used to live before, but I’m still in touch with them since we all liked each other so much and had lots of fun together during the last month. I’m wishing you all a lovely week with lots of good vibes and positive happenings!

xx from LA,

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