Feeling Nostalgic For Winter In Graz

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It’s November 14th and I can’t believe that I’m still able wearing shorts and dresses with slides as my typical OOTD. So today I thought I’ll get into a more wintery mood and show you one of my favorite outfits to wear for when it’s being cold outside ever. A long, cosy coat combined with bulky boots are the perfect choice for everyday. And there you go, in this outfit you can see my forehead! I’ve been having bangs since I was 15, that’s quite a while ago and I’m so not used to seeing me without them. Most of my clients love my bangs and book me because of them, so even when modeling they mostly don’t style them away.

Speaking about work…my past weekend has been super busy. On Saturday, I shot an editorial together with a lovely team outside of LA. And guess where? In Palos Verdes, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life. The beach there is rather rocky than sandy and reminded me a bit of Croatia, but actually it’s even prettier over here. Fashion is not always as glamorous as you all might think. People see the final pictures in the magazines without thinking about the whole process before the story got printed and you’re already holding the current issue in your hands. This time, I did a little climbing and hiking trip with my heels and my cashmere sweater since we shot only outfits for winter. You’ll find me rocking my boots and knits while standing on a big rock then, stretching my hands into the air and pretending to be super cool – because that’s what we all usually do at the beach anyway, right? I’m really looking forward to see the pictures, they should be published quite soon and I might upload them on my blog too so you can see the final results. On Sunday, I was doing a catwalk show for charity. I had my early morning off but after eating late breakfast I already headed over there to get my make-up done and try my clothes again. When doing shows, you usually have a fitting a few days before so everybody can be sure that the clothes really fit and suit the girls. So that was it, my busy and super exciting weekend. In about a month I will be back in Austria to enjoy the holidays together with my family and friends. And guess who’ll be wearing that cosy coat and my bulky boots by Vagabond then again? By the way, if you are craving them now, HUMANIC has some beautiful ones here or here. Have a lovely start into the new week!

xx from LA,

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