Fearful Halloween Costume Ideas And Inspirations

Posted by October 25, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Pop Culture

We are only five nights away from the scariest night of the year – Halloween has arrived everybody, wohoo! So we got you covered with some of the scariest Halloween movies, old classics and new releases. We gave you a whole guideline on Halloween make up and beauty products and now it is time to think about the costume part – Finally!

Forget about the classics, ghosts, witches, black cats (ladies…we know you just looove this one!) and vampires. The trick to an awesome Halloween costume is playing around the classics and adding some impressively scary or horrifying details to it like creepy make up ideas, scary contact lenses or spine-chilling items to carry around with you. Adding a horrendous touch will make everyone twitch when you walk next to them.

Here are some inspirational outfits, celebrities rocked in the past Halloween parties for you to get inspired.

halloween_double halloween_double2 halloween_double3 halloween_double4 

However, we cannot get over the fact of how cool and creepy the movie The Suicide Squad was and we honestly think the best outfit of this year’s night of the dead would be Harley Quinn from the suicide squad. Although we just love those creepy but beautiful Mexican inspired sugar skulls, we have to admit Quinns costume would definitely be a winner.


In order for you to achieve Harleys character to perfection you should start with dying the tips of your hair in pink and blue. Once you got that covered, you should get yourself a baseball bat, since this will be the highlight of your costume. After all these points, all you need to do is follow the outfits below and you will transform yourself into Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.


1. Suicide Squad Bomber Jacket 2.Society of Chic Puddin Chocker 3.Nasty Gal Sequin Shorts 4. Daddys Lil Monster Tshirt 5.Guess Heel Sneaker

For the final touches, we would suggest you to add some scary white-ish contact lenses and creating some wounds on your legs to increase the creepiness of the whole look. Way to go, you are now a creepy and scary looking Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, lets go Trick or Treating!

Pictures via Pinterest