10 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts You Can Find Online

Posted by June 7, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Germany, Things We L@VE
father's day

This upcoming sunday it’s already Father’s Day. It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating our mums, giving her our little presents, preparing her breakfast our taking her out to dinner. Though, all this is yet a month ago! And now here we are again, this time with our beloved fathers. Also, you probably find yourself again in a similar situation like a month ago: only some days left until father’s day and you haven’t find a gift for your dad yet. As we think, giving something to your father is more often than not even more difficult than presenting the mum. Why is it so hard, finding something suitable for your dad? Well, we have no answer for that – BUT we have something even better: A gift guide, including 10 ideas for what to give to your dad for Father’s Day. 

For the case that you don’t want to buy online or you stumbled upon our gift guide too late to still order, let it just serve you as an inspiration for an offline shopping trip. And if you are the very-last-minute kind of person, consider ordering gift idea nr. 10 as an Abo and hand your the dad a nice, handwritten card!

 father's day

1. No. 1 exclusive Father’s Day Socks – by Happy Socks

2. “little bit of BLOOD” Barbecue Stamp – by Luckies of London

3. Bow Tie – by Ted Baker

4. Beard comb and brush – by Petz Hornmanufaktur via Die Presse Shop

5. ’3-Day’ Briefcase – by Topo Designs

6. Credit Card holder – by Wallum

7. Men’s manicure set ‘Cut Above The Rest’ – By Gentlemen’s Hardware 

8. ‘Easy Reader’ watch with leather strap – by Timex

9. Pen knife in fish design – by Hook Linke & Sinker

10. A Wine Tasting Pack (which you can also order as a monthly Abo!) – by Just Taste


Teaser Image by Lush