Fall/Winter Trends 2016 – An Overview Of What You Need To Know

Posted by September 22, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE
fall/winter trends

It is the 21st today and fall has officially arrived (yeih!) that means that… there is only 94 days left until Christmas! (Too exciting!) and this is exactly why we though it would be a great idea to go through the trends you will be seeing throughout the next three months.

Let us tell you guys, it seems like we are all going to be wearing pink this upcoming fall/winter season and we predicted this back in the Summer, just in case you missed out on it, here is the Pinkest article of all times. However, the pink trend will be joined by other amazing trends, that remind us every day more and more of the 90s. We have talked about how the end of the 90s were a black spot in the fashion history, were elegance stepped to a second place and tops and low rise pants, were THE thing, however; the power of fashion has decided to through back some very 90s-ish items into the 2016s catwalks. So we have put together the next fall/winter trends in order for you to be the firsts ones to know about and trust us, you are going to be surprised this season. 


Pink Forever

As we predicted earlier on during the hot days of summer, pink is THE thing. And by pink we don’t mean terrible 00’s Juicy Couture tracksuits (Thank you Mamma Earth for that!), by pink we mean trousers, t-shirts, shoes, coats, anything possible. We totally stand by this Barbie-style trend!



C´est Sauvage!

Why not? A little bit of wildness is always good and designers know that. Different wild patterns have been seen in many runways this season and we are definitely going to see them more often within the next months. 



Biker Style

This trend is definitely a new thing, since we haven’t had these in a very long time. It has a very edgy things going on that we can guarantee is going to makes many people turn their heads around. We cannot wait for this one!



90s Night Out

Who doesn’t enjoy a good night out with friends? What if we told you can start wearing your 90s sequin pieces again? Amazing, we know. But please wear with care and follow the examples above, this is a trend that could very easily go wrong.



Violet Anybody?

Violet is a hue that is not usually present in anybody’s closet or collections, well guess what, now it is. Violet has managed to slip into many collections this season and we have got to admit, it is not as bad as we imagined it would be. Here is the proof.



Velvet Love

Velvet hit our lives some weeks ago after some good twenty long years and it couldn’t hit any stronger than is has. You will get to see velvet pretty much everywhere. Even Humanic has joined the trend with these amazing beautiful and comfortable Gamloong velvet slippers. A total must-have! 



Patterns Mix

Mixed patterns were a favourite within the designers these past seasons. They could be spotted on almost every collection and by patterns we don’t mean stripes and polka dots, no, no, no. By patterns we mean many crazy and over loaded combinations, here are a few.



Aviator Style

First came the Bomber Jackets and now the Aviator style coats. We love both. We actually love the whole history behind these pieces. They are very Pearl Harbor-ish and that makes us love them even more.


Pictures via BOF and Vogue