Falling For These Shoes – Fashionable Accidents

Posted by July 22, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Let’s be honest, heels look impressively good but, they are terribly uncomfortable, inconvenient and painful. No matter how much Carrie Bradshaw tried to convince us of the contrary, heels are definitely not an everyday thing. Don’t get us wrong, we still LOVE heels or extravagant shoes and would not be able to think of a more feminine, elegant and classy way of finalising a perfect outfit than with a good pair of high heels, BUT it sure is hard to wear without suffering the consequences. 

Nevertheless, we have to admit that fashion falls due to heels are pretty funny. We like the fact that although it surely is painful, it reminds us that celebrities are just normal humans like us and have the same chances of falling that us mortals, would have.

Having in mind how the heels are being designed and how crazy their compositions can be, it is very hard to believe anyone would be able to wear them without falling. Many celebrities and models have proven this to us the worst way possible, falling down at important fashion runways or events where these so called heels, where unfortunately a must.

So what would be a better plan for a Friday morning than a good recap of some awkward falls in high heels along the years!? 



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