Fall Trend Alert: Stirrup Trousers Are Back

Posted by August 4, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

How is this for a Throwback Thursday? This is definitely a huge #tbt as well as many other fashion trends out there. As you might already know, fashion follows a very basic time circle meaning that literally everything goes around and around and voilà, Stirrups are back.

This trend has had the chance to cycle through different periods in time, including the 19th century, where they became the official equestrian uniform. After that, they travelled through the 60s, the 80s promoting the most colorful and flashy gymnastic fashion trends EVER, the 90s (Lets just omit that part of history, shall we) and finally they are here asking us to embrace them and convert them into a must have again, this time we hope, with better results.

Many names have been given to this tiny detail that is determined to follow us in fashion forever. Stirrup or Fuseau are probably the more official names given to it, but if you are a late 80s or 90s kid like us, you probably called it “the pants with the elastic” or at least I sure cannot recall my mum telling me to wear the Stirrup Trousers. Anyhow, after a quick travel in time through fashion history, this trend is now ready to hit out streets as soon as the leaves start falling and the days get shorter.  

Stirrups had already hit the catwalks earlier this year during the Fall 2016 catwalks and we have to admit, they do not look as unpleasant as we thought they would look (Huge yeih to that!). Stirrups have been seen in big catwalks like Marni, Versace and Balenciaga within others.

We have collected some pictures to show you how elegant this new old trend is looking and how interesting it may look towards your fall must-haves (?)


Pictures via Pinterest, SModa and Vogue