Fall Party Outfit Tricks

Posted by November 12, 2014 - Fashion, Trends

Summer is gone, and we all noticed that morning we found ourselves wearing more than 2 layers at once before getting out the door.

Let’s not be sad, though! Fall has its perks too: yellow leaves on the ground, cozy sweaters, knitted hats, and let’s not forget about fall leather boots. However, it can be a tough half an hour in front of the mirror on Friday night, when you have no idea how to put together a cool party outfit while staying warm enough.

Well, fear no more, because I prepared a little guide for you who dare challenge the cold and get to the club.

Maxi dress


Who said that just short dresses make glamorous? With a long dress that covers you all over you will be both stylish and warm. Just add some heels!

Furry Jacket


When everything seems lost, just add a furry jacket. It’s perfect with both dresses and a simpler but effective jeans & t-shirt outfit. Also here, heels and a fancy pair of statement earrings will make it even better.



What’s cooler than a jumpsuit when it gets colder outside? You will be warm and fashionable, and not as many accessories are required.

Leather Jacket


One of those pieces which save the night. A leather jacket will make each one of your outfits cooler and it will protect you from every weather. Add some heeled low-cut boots and some statement jewelry – like a shiny necklace.

photo courtesy: Pinterest