My Fall Inspired Beige Boots

Posted by October 27, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Fall Boots

I’m in full fall mode right now. This is the perfect time to visit the parks of Vienna. It’s neither cold, nor warm. The leaves are yellow, orange and green and they start to fall while you are strolling the park. I get to spend quite a bit of time in the parks these days. I enjoy looking at the trees shedding leaves with each gust of wind. A stroll in the park is perfect for passionate photographers who are in search of scenic photography backgrounds. I usually end up with hundreds of photos and with many leaves in my hair that I have to get rid of afterwards hehe. But the whole scenery is quite surreal, I would say, just like a fairy tale. You want it to last forever but you know it won’t. When Fall is over, the Christmas festive season starts.

The outfit in this blog post is inspired by this magical season. Therefore, I dressed myself up in beige to match with the colorful foliage around me. To be more exact, I wore a beige coat, beige suede boots from Humanic and a little black dress inside that would make a nice contrast to the whole beige ensemble. When I saw those boots, I knew that they were the winners. And guess what! They also come in black and dark red. For fall, generally, I would recommend warm colors such as beige, camel, maroon and mustard. Blend them in order to achieve that warm feel and to exude warm vibes. Regarding the material, I would go for suede and wool. We are definitely into the fall season, guys. Finding a pair of boots that can be worn with most of your closet’s pieces is essential. 


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By The Viennese Girl