Fall Is Coming With My Vigneron Boots

Posted by September 19, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

It’s me again, the Austrian girl who’s still in LA and trying to explore her life as much as possible. Being a model, a blogger and a student isn’t all that easy. But I can tell you one thing: LA is totally #weathergoals (let’s stick to Instagram language). While I’m still wearing my sunnies and summer dresses everyday my mum already started feeling autumn vibes back home in Austria. My week was full of castings and jobs, and one of it was quite special: I had the chance to shoot with Dewey Nicks who is probably one of my favorite photographers ever. I can’t tell you much more since everything is still kept a secret but I promise it’s been amazing and he is such an authentic and cool person with a lot of positive vibes (which are SO important for a good shoot). When the mood on set is good, everything goes with the flow and the results are always remarkably better than usual. And omg, the food was amazing! A lot of the people here are vegans or at least veggies so there’s always something to eat for me when working, and I’m definitely not talking about salad. I might keep you posted about the results of the shoot but it will take a while until something is going to be published. This time, the styling wasn’t normal at all and I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I’ve turned into a total different person from head to toe. Speaking about toes, my new Ankle Boots by Vigneron totally caught my eye while I was window shopping at Humanic a few weeks ago. I already own so many different kinds of them but I just couldn’t resist. Boots can totally vary in their appearance and can be either super elegant or laid back like the ones by Tommy Hilfiger I showed you last week. The mix of all my favorite colors makes them stand out even more, and god, they are so comfy! I love wearing my culottes during the whole year since they always feel so good on my skin and I feel that they make me look so much better than Skinny Jeans do, at least that’s how I feel about them. Fortunately it’s still super warm here so I can totally dig that look – my crop top by American Apparel is super basic but it’s all about the details: My choker replaces a typical necklace and gives the outfit an edgy look. I discovered some cool stores here in West Hollywood with lots of edgy stuff – I managed to resist and bought my favorite face cleanser instead of ten more necklaces and rings. I’m already looking forward to next week, so curious about what will happen next!

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