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When I was roaming through the empty Naschmarkt last Sunday, I totally could understand why the Mister and I were the only people to be found outside: it was freezing. It was cold, wet, grey – as unpleasant as it can get on an early October afternoon. Still, I love the Naschmarkt with it’s colourful stalls and restaurants, so we decided to snap a few pics, as I was wearing my new oversized wool coat for the first time. The dark blue gem only has one downside: it’s not lined. Which makes it not warm enough when there’s only four degrees outside for the ever-freezing thin-skinned being that is me. Especially since I decided to wear a silk blouse instead of a warm jumper. and my new, rather sheer woolen pants. As much as I liked the 70s inspired look, I clearly didn’t make the smartest choice. Luckily, the coat is tailored so generously that I can fit my leather jacket underneath it. Clad in not one, but two jackets, I tried to brave the cold, with not too much success to be honest, so we warmed ourselves up with a delicious meal in the iconic Café Amacord. There in the warmth, we filled our bellies and dwelled in the homey atmosphere. And I got to ponder about the sad situation so many people – around the world, but also in Austria – are in, that is that they can’t just go inside a restaurant when they are cold or hungry, because they have no money to pay for food. They freeze, not because they picked the wrong clothes from their huge, yet never full enough closet, but because they don’t possess  a warm coat or blanket to cover themselves with. They can’t take a hot bath when they come home, because there is no home for them. We should all be thankful for the people and things we have in our lives much more often. If any of you want to make sure that some of the little ones that are not as lucky as we are get to open a present on christmas day, head over to Weihnachten im Schuhkarton and help make a child happy. It’s so little for you and means so much to them! 

By the way, my shoes are vintage but you can find similar ones at HUMANIC

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