Our Exclusive Wedding Season Modus Operandi – A Must Read

Posted by May 5, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Its that time of the year again, when you slowly see your Facebook newsfeed turn into a collection of “just married” and “Just got engaged” notifications, that only forces you remember how many years have gone by since your high school prom when all that matter was having a blast that summer. Yep, its been that long.


#1: Smart Shoe Choice

A pair of “dancing all night-friendly” shoes is a total must in a wedding. However, they should also look chic, elegant, wedding-guest like AND match your outfit. Feeling stressed already? No worries, here are the ideal options for your next wedding.


Lazzarini Sandals  /  Vigneron Sandalette  /  Lazzarini Sandalette  /  Kate Gray Sandal

#2: Its Still Not Okay To Wear A White Outfit

This practice was originally not very well accepted and it is still not for a very obvious reason. However, the concept of “never wear white to a wedding” can smartly be piloted with some colour hacks and different combinations of colours. Cream, egg white and some more tones should be “okay” to wear to a wedding, with the following “ifs”.

According to our wedding editor, we should strongly recommend combining anything white-ish with a nice clash of colour, like pastel pink, purple, green, yellow or any other colour that could match your chosen white tone.

Her second recommendation would be, not to wear one of the main pieces in a white hue. This would mean, no white dresses, white coats or blouses. Cream or egg white trousers should be okay, as long as combined with a good touch of colour that creates a bit contrast and never overlaps the bride, remember; its HER day!


#3: Hemlines Down Please

You probably have some awesome legs that you really want to show to the world, we know; but a wedding is definitely not the right timing. Keep your hemline under the knees. If in doubt, ask the bride what type of etiquette she is expecting. This will give you a clearer guideline on what to follow and will definitely make it easier to decide on your final outfit.


#4: Shoulders Under Something Pretty

This would specially apply if you are attending a religious ceremony. Simply take a nice thin coat or jersey to wear it while at the ceremony. If you are lucky to say it is too warm for such a thing, get yourself a nice and thin shawl or scarf that you can throw over your shoulder while the ceremony is taking part.

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