Posted by December 28, 2015 - Fashion, We L@VE Shoes
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When temperatures get lower and lower but the sun is shining like it was spring (as the weather is now in Vienna), the shoe question is quite difficult. Chunky winter boots are not yet an option but the cold must be faced somehow. So we need to find some kinds of in-between-shoes that match our favorite outfits of this season and properly replace our pumps, ballet flats and loafers. They have to correspond to our beloved but weather inappropriate pairs.

Take a look at our preferred shoe solutions that keep the toes warm while still not looking too wintery.

1. From Pumps to Sneakers


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2. From Ballet Flats to Slip-Ons

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3. From Loafers to Platform Shoes

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4. From Peep Toes to High Top Slippers

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