Eurocup 2016 – Your Ultimate Survival Kit!

Posted by June 10, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Butlins Ladies Team

Who is ready for some Soccer (or football, depending on your planet geographical situation)?

We are SO excited for it, that we have already planned everything out for you to get  prêt’  for the European Football Championship which will be starting tonight with an unmissable France vs. Romania in Paris!

Let us introduce you our must-read Eurocup 2016 Kit!

What to wear – Kicking Outfits

So we thought it would be great to give you a few ideas on what to wear throughout the European Soccer season.

The first look is a very sporty outfit that not only will make you feel like you are part of the team, but it will also be extremely comfortable!

Look 1 

1. Adidas Top 2. J-Brand Jeans 3. River Island Black Cap 4. SMH Bag 5. Adidas Sneakers

The second look has that French Chic taste that everyone should have in their wardrobe at sometime. And what better time than now while all the spotlights will be pointing to Paris!

Look 2 

1. River Island T-Shirt 2. Mango Jeans  3. Zara Silver Bomber Jacket 4. Michael Kors Black Bag 5. Keds Sneakers 

How to watch it –  Tonight you are the host!

We definitely believe hosting a Soccer-Party at home will be the most fun way to enjoy the championship.

There are just some easy points to follow up in order to make it happen.

First of all, make sure you let all your closest friends know about the plan. They will love it!

Once everyone has confirmed you can now start planning the area of your home in which you will be screening the match. We really enjoy the idea of getting balloons, paper napkins or straws matching the colours of the teams playing. That will motivate everyone to cheer for one of the teams!

Last but not least, it is essential to make sure you will be able to watch the match from your home. Don’t forget!

What to Snack –  Snacking around Europe

Italian pizza, French cheese, Spanish ham, Austrian pretzels, English pasties, how about mixing them all in one table?

It would be great to get a taste of all the countries and enjoying them while watching some Soccer. Here are some super easy snacks recipes, that will make your friends go crazy!

What to Drink – Cheers to Soccer!

Raise your glass and toast to sports for uniting people around the globe.

Let us show you what beers are out there, so you can get them rolling at your official Soccer-Party tonight.


Where to watch it – Public Viewings in Vienna

Just in case you are not able to host your party at home and prefer watching it on a big screen, here are our recommendations of public viewings around the city!

Where: Rathausplatz, 1010

Where: WUK, Währinger Str. 59, 1090  

Where: Grelle Forelle, Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090

Where: Strandbar Hermann, Herrmannpark, 1030

  • Public Viewing @Uni-Campus Altes AKH

Where: Alserstraße 4, 1090