All Your Essentials For A Cozy Day At Home

Posted by December 23, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, Things We L@VE
cozy day

Around Christmas and between or after all the festivities, everyone is longing for a nice, chilled, cozy day spent at home. Even more perfect, when the weather is freezing cold (like it is now) and the only impressions that you get from outside are the snowflakes that you watch falling from the other side of the window. And after all that partying, visiting relatives and exchanging gifts and best wishes, you will long for a relaxed day of doing nothing and, speaking from first-hand experience, you will need it! But is there anything better than taking a day off – not only from work, but also from all the private and leisure events, get-togethers and other ongoings – and devote it all just to yourself? No, we think! There is no better way to use this day than for jumping into your comfiest Pjs, making a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and having a movie marathon while eating Christmas cookies! 

For this special me-time, we collected some nice items, that will make your cozy day at home perfect. With this essentials around, there is nothing that can’t go wrong anymore… Have a wonderful time! 

cozy day essentials


Our Essentials For A Cozy Day At Home:

1. Warm socks – Burlington Socks

2. Nice movies - The Woody Allen Collection Set of 8 DVDs

3. The most comfy PJs - Victoria’s Secret Pajamas

4. A good read - The Course Of Love by Alain de Botton

5. A warm blanket – Houseology Alpaca and Sheep Wool Elvang Basket Throw

6. A big pot of Tea – English Tea Shop Chamomile Tea

7. Fluffy house slippers - EMU Jolie Wool and Leather Slippers

8. Scented candles – Rituals Indian Rose Scented Candle


Now grab your cookies, put on you socks and most important: switch off your phone!

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