End Of Summer Blues

Posted by August 24, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
end of summer

According to my latest posts, you probably think that I‘ve been traveling non-stop the last few months. But that’s not true. Yes, I’ve been in many different places this summer, but there were some pauses in between. I am always happy to be back in Vienna but I am not really happy that the end of summer is so close already. Do you feel that way, too? The problem is called “End of Summer Blues”. I know many people that have the “End of summer blues”, including me.  However, I will not stop traveling and I will not stop chasing the sun the following months, so always stay tuned here to check out my next ventures.

 Nowadays, I am just thinking that I should pack my summer clothes, put them up in the highest shelf on the top of the closet and bring down the autumn outfits. We all need to do this transition from summer to fall wardrobe. I try to do some research, browse magazines, and go window shopping. I also look at Humanic’s online store to see what’s in this fall and which colors will dominate. New products kept on coming in and I was left amazed again by the vast variety. I was actually looking for a pair of shoes in the tones of neutral beige with shimmery metallic details and I found this Pretty Ballerina flats. As you can see, I matched them with a jean dress and went out to meet a good friend of mine in the most picturesque square in Vienna, in Franziskaner Platz.

Now that I am writing this, I am reminded that I couldn’t keep myself from buying at least 3 more pairs (namely this Ralph Lauren ones, a pair by Unisa and a Lazzarini Suede edition). Then I thought “if this is what it takes in order to get over the end of summer blues, then let it be”. Treat yourself to a little shopping therapy, girls. Believe me, it works. 


By The Viennese Girl with pictures by Tony Gigov