You Never Saw Emma Watson Like This Before

Posted by November 18, 2016 - Fashion, Film, Pop Culture

For the new Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, English actress and former Harry Potter Hermione Emma Watson transformed into the role of Belle, the female main character, and the way she did (and moreover looked) is truly stunning. The screenplay is based on the original Disney cartoon film from 1991 and so are the costumes. Not only the iconic yellow gown from the ballroom dancing scene has been re-made, also Belle’s outfit with the sweet blue dress and a white blouse underneath, that the character is wearing in the children’s film has been made. 

We really think the costume department deserves an Oscar for this masterpieces. Don’t you think that these dresses are the secret stars of the movie, besides Emma Watson, of course!




emma watson


Unfortunately, we have to wait until spring to drool over Emma and her beautiful outfits on cinema screens. But for now, you can have a short sneak peek and watch the trailer (which will make you even more impatient)!

Images via Disney