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About 6 years ago I witnessed my first body painting process (it wasn’t done on me though) – 8 hours of work done by 2 extremely focused and talented artists ended up in a breath-taking piece of art, directly on the body of a human being. No doubt, I was pretty amazed. The fact that this piece of art survives only for a few hours until it vanishes in the shower, makes it even more special. I love the thought about putting so much effort into something that isn’t here to stay, but more to enjoy and capture immediately.  Body painting can be truly amazing, but unfortunately also very tacky (not in a good way, if you know what I mean J ).  It’s very easy to cross the line between a tasteful piece of art and overdone creepy lines of colour that lead to nothing. Today I want to show you my favourite body painting artist Emma Fay, who does the most amazing conceptual art pieces with body painting. I especially love her animals series, where she transforms human bodies into extremely realistic animals. See for yourself:

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