Embroidered Denim Jackets For The Summer

Posted by July 19, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

We are all aware that a denim jacket is not only a fabulous 90s trend but also a perfect option for a summer night. A denim jacket should always be in your wardrobe during the warmer months, they are always a winning option in a girls’ wardrobe!

We believe a denim jacket is a very millennial thing to wear and as you may already know from older posts, we love Millennial Trends. So as soon as we receive a BBQ or Rooftop Party RSVP we automatically start planning our outfit having in mind that our favourite denim jacket WILL be part of the look.

But there is ONE denim jacket that is stealing everyones attention. Yes, the Gucci Denim Embroidered Jacket. Rihanna was spotted wearing the $4,950 worth Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 piece over a long stunning white jumpsuit last month when leaving a well known eatery in California. The jacket is part of Guccis incredible service consisting on DIY-ing your garments, which is already available at the Milan store and was introduced this May with the DIY Purse.


These last seasons we have been able to see catwalks full of embroidered denim garments. So just in case you are loving them as much as we are and sadly don’t have €5000 extra cash to get the Gucci Shearling Denim Jacket, here are some similar Jackets for more competitive prices you might be able to consider.





River Island Embroidered Denim Jacket 


Topshop White Flower Embroidered Denim Jacket




Zara Dark Embroidered Jacket 

 Topshop Light Flower Embroidered Denim Jacket



Why Not DIY?

As we know that you still can’t get your thoughts off the Gucci Jacket we have found a DIY option for you to be able to rock ALMOST the same jacket as Rihanna wore earlier in June.

All you would need to do is, get this budget version of the Denim jacket from Topshop and add these nature inspired colorful patches which are very similar to our inspirational Gucci sample. Once the patches are embedded into our denim jacket, it is time for you to find the perfect outfit and rock your DIY embroidered jacket.

Topshop MOTO Vintage Borg Western Jacket



Etsy Patches


Picture via Fashion Bomb Daily, Pinterest and STL