Embracing The Cold Vienna Again

Posted by February 13, 2017 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Oh Vienna – you’re cold as ice, but you’re so pretty. You’re like a small kind of Paris, you have that certain glow even if it’s winter, the wind is blowing through my hair and makes me shiver. I’m back home for 2,5 months now already. Well, that’s a good time to find back to your roots and calm down a bit. The time here in Austria has been super important for me because I had to arrange some many things which just needed to be done. Talking about that, I’ll tell you something: While you’re reading this, I will be sitting in a room giving the final presentation of my Master’s thesis. If everything works out – which I truly hope – you won’t hear me talking about my Master’s again because it will just be done. Five years of studies to achieve that goal, and now I’m almost there. With it, a big chapter of my life is ending. Today will be super stressful, too. I’m having my exam, after I’m heading to HUMANIC for a second and then guess where I’m going. Okay, I’ll tell you because you’ll never know: I’m heading to Berlin for a few days for a job, and that already on Monday evening. I’m excited, it’s my first time I’m going there. I just freshly signed with an agency there so I’m happy and grateful that I’m already working with them after such a short time. Berlin is similar concerning when it comes to the weather. Cold and windy. But with the right look, you can still be fashionable and pull off a comfy look for breezy days. I’m wearing a long wool scarf to feel like a little eskimo – in winter, there just can’t be enough layers. While strolling around the streets last time, I found these beautiful spring inspired sneakers at HUMANIC by Kennel & Schmenger. They’re minimalistic but still so special and they’re easy to wear and slip in – a total must have for me! You can find them online here or in one of the HUMANIC stores. If it’s as cold as it was during the past few days, you’ll never see me going outside without wearing a hat to protect my ears from the wind. I’m so looking forward to Monday evening – can’t wait to take you with me on more adventures and stay tuned, I’ll tell you everything about my days in Berlin next week.

Have a beautiful new week with good vibes!



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