Elena G.

Posted by February 13, 2013 - HUB

Age 34 // Married, 2  kids

Location: Vienna, Austria

Hello world, I’m a superhero! Yes, I am. How would you call a mother of 2 who has  a 30h/week job. ;) I love to spend my free-time with my family <3 My hobby is my style – on the evenings I browse through the web and see which trends are brand new, and which new shoes and clothes I NEED. When it comes to shopping I’m a really laid back person, I’m an online shopper! Why? Because: NO PEOPLE, NO STRESS, EASY & FAST. Really love the Humanic Online Shop!! On trendsylvania I want to give you a personal insight on how my life looks like, I do my best to keep you guys updated and show you my personal favourites. :) I hope you’re gonna enjoy!

Elena states:

My hobby is my style!


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