Editors’ Picks (November Edition): Our Personal Shopping List For This Winter

Posted by November 23, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
editors pick

November is a great month to treat yourself to some very pretty items. Specially for its double pay peculiarity (Yes!). We can already hear our inner shopping addict clapping like a mad person in our minds. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose carefully and really think about what you are planning on buying, it is exactly the opposite. You should delicately consider your options and use this double pay in the smartest way.

We like spending our money in the most stylish and clever way possible, since we literally work to satisfy our fashion and travel needs (and addictions), as radical as that may sound. We cannot help it, we love fashion and clothes. So for this specific month, we personally want to invest in cozy and warm items to complete our winter must-haves, like for example coats, winter shoes and some extra bits and pieces we just love. So for this seasons editors’ picks we decided to go for some very special items that we have been wishing for since the cold days started. Make sure your chosen pieces are special and different. They should blend into your closet perfectly and stand out at the same time, meaning that you should own the piece like a boss and rock it like a star.

Our personal November Edition picks include a total of five items, two pairs of shoes; a classic pair of Ugg boots to survive this winter and some running sneakers to (FINALLY) start wearing our Trendsylvania gym lookNo more excuses. Our winter picks also include a new shopper bag, do not lie to yourself, yours is probably destroyed (like ours) and you are not brave enough to let it go. Do it. You will feel so much better, plus this DKNY is a total beauty. Another craving we have been having for months is a pretty Victoria Beckham key-ring. An instant way of upgrading your key holders, totally worth the money. Last but not least, an Acne Studios grey scarf would be the cherry on the cake. No excuses not to get it, totally useful and perfect in every sense – We wont take no as an answer for this one.


DKNY Shopper Bag



Nike Air Max Motion LW


Ugg Bailey Bow Boots


Victoria Beckham Key Ring


Acne Studios Scarf