Go Anywhere, Do Anything With Ecco

Posted by February 8, 2016 - Things We L@VE

Sneakers have long been an important part of our style. Not only are they chic and sporty, they also provide us with comfort and support, like a best friend would do. They have a way of making every style look cool and casual. Ecco has been inspired by this and also by the strides sneakers have made in recent years as a fashion statement. Therefore, they have designed their latest collection with active, urban fashionists in mind. The line is classic yet unique, it combines Danish minimalism with technological innovations. They accommodate both men and women who are always on the go. 

VICE X ECCO_Photo by Samy Khabthani-32

The beautiful details ensure they are not only for a weekend look but also a cool, office-friendly look. Try pairing them with a knee-length dress or jeans with a crisp shirt and sweater; it will instantly bring a modern, fresh appearance to your style. They are definitely not the type of sneaker who will look out of place outside of the gym, although you will find them right at home there as well. From knitted fabric to laser-cut leather models – they are really the go anywhere, do anything type of shoe. 


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