6 Easy Steps You Can Take For A Full Wardrobe Cleanse

Posted by January 12, 2016 - Things We L@VE

For many of us 2016 is the year to get organized. It’s a new year, that means time to start fulfilling your resolutions. Every year ours is to clean out our closet – and while we do accomplish this at the beginning of the year the results never seem to stick. These helpful tips will help you get the closet of your dreams and make it ever so easy to get ready in the morning. These easy steps will prepare you for a full wardrobe cleanse that will last you all year.

1. Take Everything Out

You won’t get very far if you are just blankly staring at your closet. Take everything out to really get started. It will make it so much easier to lay everything out.

2. The Outfit Test Is Important

Be sure you can wear something with more than one outfit because those are the pieces that will be the most practical and will serve you the best if you have limited space.

3. Be Seasonal

Yes, you too can be one of those girls who swaps their clothes every season. You will be amazed just how helpful it is on a day-to-day basis. So pack that warm weather wear away until April, you’ll be very happy with all the extra spce and how much easier it is to see all of your clothes.

4. Have Plenty Of Hangers

Buy velvet hangers. They are cheap, slim, and hold onto your clothes very well. Never leave your clothes on the hangers you get from the dry cleaners because they will destroy your clothes.

5. Arrange By Color

This will help you see exactly what goes with what. Visually it will save your eye a lot of strain and make your mornings easier in general. 

6. The “One Day” Box

If you are not ready to get rid of something just yet but never seem to wear it. Put it aside in a box labeled “one day” so you can revisit these items when you are ready, but they are not taking up too much of your precious space.

 Preview image: Buzzfeed