The Easy Hack To Fix Your Squeaking Shoes

Posted by October 11, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, We L@VE Shoes
Squeaky Shoes

Everybody (specially girls) love shoes, that’s no secret. The real hidden secret however is how to get rid of the squeaky squeaky noise that your brand new shoes may be doing. We ladies and shoe-lovers tend to “choose a shoe by its cover” meaning that if it looks pretty on the window display, it will look pretty on your feet, but sometimes this is not the case. Shoes can be made of different materials, therefore no matter what size you choose, it might not fit perfectly for different reasons or it might simply have some unfinished details inside the shoe.

One of the most awkward issues a new pair of shoes may delight us with; is the noise of squeaking shoes. Who did not have a teacher whose shoes squeaked throughout your whole high school years? Those who distracted you during your exams at class while she/he walked around triumphantly and powerfully as you tried putting an X=Y parabola on place. Well we did. If we would have known about this hack during high school, we sure would have suggest the teacher to give it a try. But not only in class though, are we the only people noticing the squeak on many shoes as people enter the meeting room at the office? Not cool guys, not cool!

So for those who do hear this noise as much as we do and find it as annoying as we do, we have the solution to your problem. It is created by specific parts of the shoe rubbing against each other, so to fix this you will have to remove the inner sole and apply some baby powder underneath it. Make sure you reach all the sections you may believe are guilty of squeaking and voilà, your shoes should now be squeaky-free. The powder softness will alleviate those sections and it will make the parts stop from making the noise when rubbing against each other.

Now that you have the secret hack to this issue, we think it is time to treat yourself to a good new pair of boots from Humanic. Although you now have the solution to the problem, we are almost sure that these boots will not be doing the unwanted squeaky noise. Here are our favorite ones this week!


 Non-Squeaking Boots from Humanicboots_double

Unisa Karisi Aubergine


Pat Calvin Velouleder


Tom Tailor Short Boot



Högl Velouleder Brown

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