Lovely Earthy Colors To Transition To Fall

Posted by August 5, 2015 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

It does not always have to be funky and jazzy, because sometimes a little less is more. This is especially true for the transitional fashion style from summer to fall. Not only are the heat waves turning into cooling fall winds in just a few weeks, but  the fresh summer colors are also making a turnaround to rather darker colors. But before we completely dedicate ourselves to the frosty gloomy season, we prefer taking the change a little slower and covering it up with some smooth earthy transition colors. This time around caramel, military green and brownish nuances are the right pick for your styling. Nevertheless are bright colors not banished and still very accurate to wear. A white blouse combined with a toffee toned jacket or a light blue colored french coat are the best way to lighten up the look. Shoe-wise, ankle boots in beige, black and with fringes are definitely making a comeback along with ballerinas in velour leather. 







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Featured images via Style BistroThe Fashion Tag, Shutterstock