Posted by March 5, 2015 - Art, Design, Fashion

Don’t we remember our little coloring books and our pretty, little crayons? Well, now that we stopped colouring books, there is a better use for them – dresses. Bloomingdale’s had the idea of connecting several designers like Nanette Lepore and create pieces that both matched and were constructed by iconic Crayola colors. The result of this extraordinary idea was breathtaking. The powerful colours, the sharp edges made those dresses unforgettable. 

Nanette Lepore created an outstanding, dynamic in every respect, yellow dress. Artists including Clover CanyonRonny Kobo, Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Minkoff and Parker managed to design dresses, which I wouldn’t be afraid of wearing on the street.  Every single piece is a unique specimen and is now on display at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store in New York City. 

And let’s not forget: you will never have to look for a pen in your bag. 

Crayola-Dresses-for-Bloomingdales-4“Bittersweet” by Torn by Ronny Kobo

Crayola-Dresses-for-Bloomingdales-2“Unmellow Yellow” by Nanette Lepore 

Crayola-Dresses-for-Bloomingdales-5“Midnight Blue” by Rebecca Taylor

Crayola-Dresses-for-Bloomingdales-6“Banana Mania” by Rebecca Minkoff

Crayola-Dresses-for-Bloomingdales-7“Jungle Green” by Parker

Crayola-Dresses-for-Bloomingdales-3“Mountain Meadow” by Clover Canyon