Double Denim – Best Pieces And Styling Tips

Posted by August 17, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

Double denim is one of those risky things you would usually be too scared to try or you would simply never consider, but it is time to leave that thought behind and go crazy with the double denim idea. Denim is generally an all-year-through thing (unless you are living in Siberia of course), but when styled with denim on top it is a total Fall thing to wear and here comes the good news: fall is just around the corner, yeih!

Jeans were originally designed for cowboys and miners but they later became a trend within teenagers in the 50s. From then on they have undoubtedly been part of everyone’s closet. Jeans have seen many trends pass by but we simply love how cool a double denim outfit looks.

There are many different ideas and possible combinations when speaking of a double denim outfit, it could go from some simple jeans with a denim jacket to some other crazy combinations that we will show underneath. Our personal recommendation for a perfect double denim look would be to play with the tones of each garment. For example, a light toned pair of jeans that matches perfectly a slightly darker dyed denim shirt. Another recommendation to achieve the perfect look is to use real denim material instead of fake style jeans or jeggings. Many “jeans” today are made of a range of different components, including Lycra or Spandex. This detail when styling a double denim outfit, will definitely make the difference and give that extra chic touch to your whole look.

Here are some ideal Double Denim outfits for you to get inspired and the ten best denim pieces to have a look at this upcoming fall when putting together your winning look.


Ten Best Denim Pieces For The Double Denim Look

Here are ten of the best denim pieces we can recommend you for fall in order to create your perfect double denim outfit. Remember to play around the tones and create the proper contrast to make the main piece stand out and look awesome. Our cheeky fashion secret is combining two pieces that no one would ever put together – An automatic win!

1. Zara Long Denim Embroidery Shirt 2. H&M Bleached Denim Shorts 3. Topshop Cropped Denim Top 4. River Island Mum Ripped Jeans 5. H&M Denim Joggers 6. Mango Denim Top 7. Topshop Moto Mullet Pelment Denim Skirt 8. Paul Smith High Waist Jeans 9. Zara Long Denim Bomber  10. Zara Ripped Midi Denim Skirt


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