The “I Don’t Know What To Wear” Days Are Over

Posted by May 9, 2017 - LIFESTYLE

When Spring is close to turning into summer, the outfit choice gets trickier and trickier, since it is most likely to boil in your morning chosen look. These few weeks of transition can seem very long due to the funny weather conditions, especially if you are based in central Europe like us. There are some tricks and hacks that you could totally adapt to this transitioning season and most importantly, there are many transitional shoes that you could totally pull off during those “I don’t know what to wear” days that can be very common in a ladies’ life.


Here are eight ideal Spring looks that will totally make you look stunning, cool and up-to-date. As you may notice, jeans are a total win and a safe option. However, a long skirt combined with a leather jacket could work just as good, but for those days that we wake up lacking the inspiration, a good pair of jeans, a nice white shirt or a striped French style t-shirt and a set of chic block heels, for instance, could worked just as well. Here’s the proof!

J.Crew Striped T-shirt  /  Zara Blazer  /  Mango Jeans  /  

Last but not least, because we believe in the theory that the shoes talk about you, here’s a collection of the choicest “I don’t know what to wear”-proof shoes for you to wear during these slightly unconventional weeks of chilly mornings and boiling afternoons.

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