How To Make Your Own DIY Party Shoes

Posted by January 21, 2015 - We L@VE Shoes

We are all looking for the perfect pair of party shoes, ones we can dress up or down depending on the occasion… So what better way to get the look you want than with a DIY endeavor. We started our adventure with a pair of black pumps from HUMANIC and found a way to turn them into the perfect statement shoe.

A classic black pair of heels will ensure your look is translatable for any night look.  8997853986846_1131409750_1_450189.png

For your custom pair, you’ll need


When choosing your crystals – be sure to get ones that say “hot fix”, these will have adhesive backings that are activated by heat. This is the best way to make sure the gems really stay put and not to mention how much easier it will make your job. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a bit of color for the crystals, but we are a fan of the classic clear and pearls.


Start by placing the crystals on the shoe (either the top or bottom – never start from the middle!!) and place the hot fix tool on the crystal. Leave the tool there for about 8-10 seconds and the backside will melt and the crystal will adhere to the shoe.partyshoes3-640x480

Once you have done that try to budge the crystal, if it stays put you are all set – but if you feel it starting to move place the hot fix tool on the crystal for another few seconds. When it is set, keep working your way down the shoe. Be sure to switch up the shapes and sizes of the crystals. partyshoes4-640x480

When you start to get to the sides of the shoes spread the gems out more and more to give it a cool fading effect.partyshoes5-640x480

Keep doing this until you have your desired amount of crystals. partyshoes6-640x480

And voilà you have the perfect pair of ready to wear customized shoes!partyshoes7-640x960

And you are ready to hit the town or your next big party ;) partyshoes9-640x960Photos via

By Notorious Mag