DIY – Fendi Pom Pom Charm Bag

Posted by August 23, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends
Fendi pom pom charm

Some seasons ago Fendi came up with a fluffy proposal. The Pom Pom Charm Bag was about to hit the runways and high-streets and so it did. Different Pom Pom colours, shapes and sizes where available at Fendi. This idea though, fell into a more DIY concept, since you would have to choose your bag and choose the fluffy charm you liked the most. After their success some seasons ago, Fendi has created so many different designs that it would take you a whole year to be able to use them all. These charms are meant to be hanged from a crossover classic Fendi bag, which will stand out thanks to the charm. When you see the fluffy charm you would think it would rather suit a wintery or cold season, but these little Pom Poms can now be seen everywhere, no matter how cold or warm it is outside, these little fury ones are now TRENDING!

Sadly, we have to give you a bad news about the charm… it is worth more that 300€ (ouch!), but wait, wait; we also have the solution and we will show you how to DIY your own Pom Pom Charm Fendi style bag for much less money, right here, right now.

Although we all might love how beautiful a Fendi bag looks, we have to admit 2000€ is a little bit too much, for us mortals to spend on a classic cross over bag, so we have found some similar cross over bags at Humanic that will be perfect for our Fendi Charm bag DIY project. This DIY project consists in three very easy steps to follow. Step ONE is buying a nice Pom Pom Charm like the ones you will see underneath, step TWO will follow and this consists in buying yourself a nice Fendi-style Cross Over bag, we have already chosen some for you to just click on the link and press buy. Up to there, EASY PEASY. For the final step (THREE) all you need to do is attaching your chosen fluffy fashion ball to your new Cross Over bag and voilà. You will have achieved the easiest DIY in history of fashion and a beautiful Fendi Pom Pom Charm-Style bag for a pretty reasonable price.


1.Claires Pom Pom Keyring 2.Forever 21 Red Charm 3.H&M Keyring 4. Michael Kors Fur Charm




1.SMH Cross Over Bag 2.Lazzarini Colour Bag 3. Guess City Bag 4. Michael Kors Cross Over


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