Ditch Your Heels for These 8 Going-Out Flats This Fall

Posted by August 29, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

It is usually at around 3 am during a perfect night out with friends when you start regretting wearing those beautiful heels that looked perfect on your bedroom mirror. What if we told you we have 8 pairs of very cool and classy flats for you to ditch those un-comfy (but beautiful) heels?

You are welcome.

No matter how tall or small you might be, this fall lands with a full and strong palette of awesome flats options and there is no question about it. Do not get us wrong, we are totally up for a good pair of heels, but this fall specifically is full of comfy alternatives and we should make the most out of it. As the days are getting cooler, our summer heels and sandals start to play a second role in our closet and these flats are going to help us look great during a pre-fall night out. This does not mean you have to wear black or look boring, you can wear the exact same outfits as you would with a nice pair of pumps or stilettos.

Let’s be honest, how many times have you dreamt of this? We know heels looks very nice, but they can get a tiny bit uncomfortable. Humanic offers a whole new range of inspiration lines and designs, featuring these flat shoes. Earlier this year, Victoria Beckham already overtook our theory on ditching heels for flats and we are now going to follow her steps too. Now that you know that Stilettos are kinda over for this season, it is time for us to show you the best designs. Let us advise you, it WILL be hard to choose, there are so many alternatives, that it will get tough to select your perfect cup of tea.

Oh! Bye, bye blisters. See you next summer!

SMH Glitter Ballerina

Lazzarini Glattleder Ballerina

Lazzarini Leather Ballerina

Buffalo Velours Ballerina

SMH Leather Brogues

SMH Textile Slipper

Högl Ballerina

Alisha Leather Slip Ons

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