Diesel Launches The New “Make Love Not Walls” Campaign And It Is Awesome

Posted by February 23, 2017 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

We strongly believe we were somehow in need of such a campaign. Diesel has launched a very colourful and lively campaign that makes us all put the political issues aside and only concentrate on the colours and beautifully madness happening on the pictures. The campaign was directed by the legendary David LaChapelle, meaning that clearly the campaign was going to make everyone go bananas. The campaign features a bunch of transgender models and artists making sure they created a big impact with this project.

Diesel is a brand that is already well known for their controversial campaign and this one was not going to be least, but we have got to admit, it came out too good. The splash of colours and message behind it makes the whole work perfectly and come together like it was a beautiful war of colours and art. Not much is left to say in the case of this art piece, because in this occasion words just say it all. So here are most of the campaign pictures and official video for you to have a look at them and travel into a strike of colours and the mad world of LaChapelle. 


Nevertheless, leaving their last campaign aside, lets remember that this brand is not only good at creating and impact on the world of advertising, they also happen to be amazing at designing shoes, so let’s have a quick look at the Diesel shoes that Humanic has ready for us on the Online Store. 



Images via Diesel