Derek Zoolander Lands His First Vogue Cover

Posted by January 18, 2016 - Film, Pop Culture

Even after a very long hiatus, Derek Zoolander shows he still has what it takes in the fashion world landing a cover on Vogue. Ben Stiller, and leading lady Penélope Cruz stun the magazine in typical over the top fashion.

This movie, although it was not an immediate blockbuster when it came out – has become a cultural icon. With quotes from the movie still making their way into every day conversation, and let’s not forget blue steel and magnum which has been our go to Instagram selfie pose since Instagram has been a thing. These photos are far from anything we could do – shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz they both pay homage to and mock the fashion world all in one shot.

We are glad to see this movie making its comeback after all this time because I guess there isn’t more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Check out the photoshoot below:



photos by: Annie Leibovitz