Denim In Paris With My Chucks

Posted by April 3, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
denim paris chucks

Here they are – the last pictures I took during my stay in Paris, the beautiful city with all the astonishing architecture you could ever imagine. I wanted to be a bit cliché for you and directly strolled around the Louvre to take some pictures from my current favorite look. The jeans jacket is a bit oversized, it’s easy to wear and a good choice for spring. You all know me, I’m really into minimalistic fashion, so I just went for a white tank top, a skinny jeans and my all time favorites: Chuck Taylors by Converse. I own them in three different colors, and guess what, I want even more! Converse remind me a lot about my youth, they give me a touch of nostalgia. I was wearing them a lot back in Graz, but also in LA since a client gave them to me as an additional present after a shoot. If you want to know the backstory of it: I was doing an editorial for a magazine back at Venice Beach together with a male model. They asked us to be super playful and run into the water together while holding hands during sunset. Even if it’s always warm in LA, the ocean isn’t, especially not in October when I had my shoot. For that certain picture I was wearing Converse and of course, they got super wet since I was swimming with them after. The male model also had to carry me on his back and I remember that special moment when I couldn’t hold it anymore and just started laughing so much because it was so cold and my legs and feet felt super heavy due to all the water inside my shoes and on my jeans. I had a great day though, the team was very nice and we all enjoyed our time together in Venice.

Coming back to this look I actually shot in Paris and not in California – I’m in love with my shoes when they’re dry as well! Dark Blue is a good color for spring, it looks more refreshing than the classic black version and they’re a good addition to the basic ones in white, too. Converse are not only for young people, they will be fashionable all the time, at least I can’t imagine that this trend will ever stop. I’m currently back in Austria for some weeks to enjoy the time with my family and run some errands. I will keep you posted as always!

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By hollerkat