French Braids And Denim On Denim

Posted by June 13, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
denim on denim

Everyone is good at something. Some people are really good at doing their hair. I on the other hand was always jealous of girls that could manage to do really fancy hairstyles with their own hair, by themselves. Using a curling iron every day? Nah, takes too long. Doing complicated up-do’s and braids? Nope, not me. I can do a ponytail and a bun. I’ve always wanted to be able to do a french braid and watched numerous Youtube tutorials, but I never got it right. Well, up until recently. Things have changed…

One of my girlfriends showed me how to do a french braid, and all of a sudden, something clicked and I FINALLY GOT IT! To show off my newfound skills, I simply had to wear my hair braided in this post.

Outfit-wise, I opted for denim on denim – kind of. To spice the shirt-and-jeans-combo up a little bit, I knotted a denim shirt around my waist. So 90s! The Marc Cain shirt is one of my fave T-shirts, the pleated back really makes it something special.

What I love most about the outfit are the shoes though: The Adidas Los Angeles are a classic, and the shoelaces with white trimming and the black-on-black dots give this simple pair an interesting look.

I also had to integrate the skateboard on the pics, as it is my goal to learn how to skate. The only problem is, I fell really hard last time, my thigh is still a bit swollen and hurting, and I’m kind of scared now to get back on board (what a pun…), so let’s see how that will go… 

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