Dakota Johnson: Get Her Look

Posted by September 14, 2016 - Fashion, Film, Pop Culture
dakota johnson

Little did we know about Dakota before the spiciest and sexiest erotic romances of all times hit the big screens last year for Valentines day. The American actress and model started her career in acting at a very young age, having Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas as (step) parents probably help her take the acting pathway. When Dakota starred in Fifty Shades of Grey last year everyone seemed to love her and she pretty much killed the Anastasia role. Although she had already been present in many other productions like The Social Network (2010) or 21 Jump Street (2012) within some others, the sensual trilogy offered her a ticket into stardom.

This week we got to have a peek into Johnsons new production; Fifty Shades Darker directed by James Foley, the second part of the most seductive trilogy of all times and once again it promises a very provocative and steamy result. Dakota Johnson will, once more, give life to Anastasia, a very shy journalism student who happens to be in “the right place at the right time” while helping out a friend of her.

Even though Dakota grew up in front of the cameras and had the chance to wear many pretty outfits from a very young age, she has now been in the focus of attention and that makes us want to look into her everyday looks, which surprisingly we found very cool and interesting. She is a clear loafer addict and we like the fact that she keeps her looks very basic and very laid-back considering the fact that she embodies the most provocative character in theaters. Here are what in our opinion are her best looks, five fashion items Dakota would totally go for and of course; THE trailer. 

Her Best Looks:

dakotajohnson_double dakotajohnson_double2 dakotajohnson_double3 dakotajohnson_double4 dakotajohnson_double5

Five Fashion Items Dakota Would Totally Go For:

Andres Machado Ankle Boots 

SMH Black and White Clutch


Police Offstage Black Sunglasses

Pat Calvin Black Loafer

Guess Black Shopper Bag


Fifty Shades Darker – The Trailer: 

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