Culottes & Zipped Leather Boots for Rainy Days

Posted by January 9, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

The first week of 2017 is already over – 51 weeks to go to! I have to admit that I spent most of the time in bed writing on my thesis while drinking tea. It got kind of cold outside and Social Media is full with pictures of either a snowy landscape or rainy cities.  Well, obviously some weeks too late because I didn’t have any white christmas at all, but now it seems to get wintery again and I kind of like it. This time of the year is perfect to cuddle up in your bed, drink hot chocolate and eat some cookies. Also – I started working out again! I know that sounds super cliché since I’m a model, but basically I don’t work out a lot because I just don’t enjoy it as much as others do. I loved going for a run with Mia, my dog, though, especially in spring or summer. In two weeks I will (hopefully) be finished with all the theoretical work for my Master’s thesis and can start to focus on the defensio and also on my future plans. I still won’t tell you where I’m heading to next, so I guess you’ll have to be a bit more patient. But I can promise you one thing already: I won’t stay on the countryside for such a long time anymore, I’ll probably travel again mid February – fashion cities, here I come! Speaking about fashion, let me tell you something about one of my favorite kind of pants ever: Okay, I’ll admit it. Culottes are not as easy to style as other pants. Both the top and the shoes need to go with the flow of the whole outfit, otherwise you look tiny and kind of cut in the middle of your body. Since culottes can be quite dominant, it’s especially important to pick up a bold shoe – nothing too delicate, and heels are always good as well. These ankle boots are the perfect fit for my outfit, because who would complain about proper and lined boots for winter anyways? HUMANIC has a beautiful pair of black ones here. If you want an even warmer version in Beige, have a look here. If you don’t want to freeze on your ankles, you can just go for a classic pair of wool or cashmere socks to make your feet even warmer (I recently got some at HUMANIC, have a look at them here). I can’t wait to wear a similar look when it’s warmer outside again. Spring, where are you? Have a nice start into the week and lots of good vibes to you!




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