Crêpe Soles – What Else?

Posted by October 21, 2016 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
Crêpe Soles

It seems that rain has become the constant state in Vienna now. After almost one week of more or less continuous rainfall, this fall weather may get a little bit annoying. Don’t get us wrong – we love this season, but when it comes to the question of what to wear, appreciating this conditions is getting hard.. Especially the shoe topic is a tricky one here. Rubber and rain boots would be the most convenient choice, all the more if you have a long day with some walks ahead of you. But with this ongoing weather, wearing the same shoes for days and days is getting really boring. Also, we fashionistas are not happy at all with this little change in the shoes game. As usual – we have some good advice here for you. The p.e.r.f.e.c.t. alternative is called crêpe soles! Or more precisely boots with crêpe soles. 

While the usual rubber sole of rain boots can be slippery on sleek floors, with crêpe soles you won’t have this problem. The thick and textured material is grippy – so the perfect choice for wet weather with rain and snow! But if you thought that they only have practical advantages, we have to proof you wrong. These soles are also super chic (- yes, they are!). At the more classier models, the crêpe soles spice things up bit, while at casual shoes they make them even cooler. The color, a mustard yellow, reminds of the 70s trend and provides this very subtle retro touch!

If you decide upon velours or suede footwear, make sure to protect the material with an appropriate means of protection

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