Create Your Dream Gallery Wall

Posted by November 7, 2014 - Design, LIFESTYLE

When it comes to home decor, there is the mighty oracle to consult: Pinterest. Much like the Google of cute stuff, this search engine features thousands of DIY ideas, inspiration and pretty pictures. It’s great for trends as well, especially when you want to upgrade your flat and get crafty.

Among all, the gallery wall is one of my favorites. As the name suggests, it simply means filling a wall of your choice with pictures, posters, photos – whatever you want, as long as you hang up enough pieces to create some sort of little, beautiful personalized gallery in your home. Mind you, creating the perfect gallery wall takes practice, style and a great dose of inspiration. And this is exactly what I am here to give you!

One-color palette


Using the same color palette for every picture on your wall will give it a tone. Choose pastels for a soothing effect, and bright colors to make it an energy booster.

Symmetry is everything


Nothing messes up a nice gallery wall like, well, a mess. Using your fantasy is great, but if you want your home to look always tidy, choose symmetry.



Family pictures, as well as pieces taken from your favorite photographer’s portfolio will make your wall just the right amount of classy.

Chalkboard Wall


A great choice to mix up framed art and your own (and your guests’ as well, if you like!).



Not just colors, but also themes can make your gallery wall unique. Choose anything that represents you – maybe you love the sea, or you like gardening?



If your passion is travel instead, I am sure you have a good collection of souvenirs somewhere in a box. I am also sure those would look great on your wall as well!

Whatever your choice is, this is the main rule: express your personality, this is a very nice way to do it.

photo courtesy: Google Images & Pinterest