Crackling Leather And Turtle Necks

Posted by June 24, 2015 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

A stressful week sometimes ends with browsing the internet for nothing really special, but finding a bargain can be pretty easy due to the sale fever everywhere. While women stereotypically seem to have a weakness for bags, I am more the girl who never really finds a suitable one, so I was more than pleased when this crackling leather lady from &other stories (which you can see in the picture) came into my field of view. I rather use it for all my cosmetic products but you can wear it as a clutch, too (although I always forget this sort of bag in every possible moment)  A combination of  my new treasure with a turtle neck sweater from the canadian label oak+fort is the perfect fit. And don’t forget to  show some socks,  these are in my favorite grid pattern, of course, yay!




 By Phosphenes