Cozy Knits For Fall’s Official Arrival

Posted by September 26, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Fall has officially arrived

Another week in LA passed by and I promise you, I had a lot of fun at a shoot here: On Thursday I was working for one of the nicest clients ever. The whole bunch of people was super nice and besides that I totally I fell in love with dried mangos: Why isn’t this tasty snack being sold in Austria? That’s why I went to Wholefoods on the weekend to treat myself a bit with lots of dried and fresh fruits and cold pressed juices (the green juice already become my fave!) Beside the healthy snacking I had another highlight on my day of work: Three dogs stayed with me at the set and made me smile several times when they looked at my food like they’ve never been fed before. Especially the super lazy Corgi brightened my mood – what a comfortable life!  

While looking at these pictures of my outfit for fall it feels almost strange to sit here with a crop top and some hot pants. But let’s face the truth, season’s changed already in Austria and fall has officially arrived: Leaves are falling down the trees and people start making themselves feel comfortable back home in their houses (even though it is quite warm..!). Hello, cosy times! Also fashion quit skirts and tops for good, because who could resist wearing comfy knits the whole day anyway? Since there’s still a bit of sun left it’s the perfect timing to wear my favorite ballerinas by Kennel & Schmenger which I immediately had a crush on when I first saw them (like this or this pair). Usually I’m not the biggest fan of ballerinas since most of them don’t really mirror my sense of style, but these pointed ones are just perfect with their edgy applications and  they blend in so well with the other tones in this outfit as well. A few months ago I went shopping in Paris and found this wool pullover by Acne Studios. And neutrals are always a good idea, aren’t they? To finalize this look, I decided to go for a small purse by Unisa where all my essentials fit in: mobile phone, keys, wallet, and of course my favorite chapstick, that’s all I need for trips to the city.

Here in LA I usually take an Uber when I need to go somewhere – so much easier and also cheaper than driving on my own, and it seems that everybody is ubering anywhere. My biggest problem is still the traffic: It’s totally normal that it takes an hour to go from one place to another, so spontaneaous coffee dates aren’t so spontaneous anymore. I somehow got used to it, at least there’s air condition everywhere and I never need to melt away waiting for something. This week’s gonna be exiciting as well, I might have some jobs and I’m definitely planning to go to Venice Beach again since last time was super fun and the vibes there are somehow special. Wishing you a cosy week!

XX from LA,


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