Converse Vs Vans – What Team Are You On?

Posted by October 3, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
Converse Vs Vans

Fall is the perfect season to get your Converse out, oh wait! Or Vans! YES, it seems like Converse has got a very serious competitor now, who’s also fighting to get its first place as the “eternal sneaker that matches everything”. We all know All Stars Converse could match pretty much anything, even wedding dresses, here is the proof to that fashion theory. However, Vans are decided to fight for the first place against the transcendent and forever lasting Chuck Taylor All Stars.

Vans first came to life during the late 60s when the Van Doren brothers decided to open a very small shop in California. On their first ‘open to the public’ morning, the brothers sold twelve pairs of Vans sneakers, from then on they only went up the hill and reached its stardom during the 70s when every skater in the world declared their love for Vans and made them its hallmark. On the other hand, All Stars had been on the market for 40 years when Vans became THE thing and were a clear must-have in every teenagers life, however, the Van Doren brothers continued and Vans became bigger and bigger.

But let’s jump back in time to 2016 and let’s be honest, you are either a Vans or a Converse fan; it is quite hard to find someone who has both pairs in the closet (if so, we are impressed!). We believe Converse offer outfits a more classic and vintage look that could look really sassy and cool if combined with…anything really. Besides, Vans we believe look more sporty. There has definitely been an increase on street-style looks combined with Vans, whereas Converse have always been a thing and we have selected the best street-style looks styled with Converse and Vans for you to compare and judge by yourself. We still cannot fully commit to any of them, since we believe both look absolutely stunning and very stylish. What team are you on?


Converse All Stars

conversevsvans_double conversevsvans_double2

Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor AS Core



conversevsvans_double3 conversevsvans_double4

Vans Authentic


Pictures via Pinterest and Vogue