Converse With Anything? – YES!

Posted by August 9, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

We say yes to CONVERSE, they will never, ever let us down and that is a fact!

We declare ourselves loyal to the Converse Power. Next year in 2017, what we all call Chuck Taylor All Star Converse, should be turning 100 years old. Chuck himself was a real person and a former athlete who decided to take over the Chuck Taylor line for Converse in the 20s as a salesman. After that, pretty much everyone started wearing converse, specially in the basketball social groups. Converse then, became a sporty must-have. Professional athletes even used them to train and play, basketball specially. They will later be reinforced by Chuck Taylor himself to protect the ankle while playing basketball. Chuck Taylor’s design also had the honour of participating in several Olympic games. The original design barely changed and our Chucks today, look very similar to what they did back then when Taylor was rocking them on the basketball court (except for some small details in colours, of course).

After this short resume on Converse we can say Chuck Taylor All Star Converse are clearly a very significant piece of the fashion history. We are not very sure on what its secret is, but we know that Converse would and will always look good with any outfit and on anyone. There is something magical about these shoes that makes everyone look cool and stylish while wearing them. Converse don’t discriminate, they just magically look good with everything!

We have to admit that we specially love the secret factor Converse has to make an elegant outfit look casual and still make it work to perfection. We have put together a collection of nine different styles and outfits in which Converse feature as the final touch and somehow makes the whole look work. We just like every single one of them, no exception.

Converse All Stars are available to everyone and it is a definite must-have in anyone’s wardrobe, no matter the season, age, background or profession and through this post we wanted to proof to you that Converse will always and forever look good with EVERYTHING. So when in a hurry or in a fashion-panic attack, KEEP CALM and WEAR CONVERSE.

With A SuitWith A Leather Mini SkirtWith A White Maxi DressWith A JumpsuitWith DenimsWith A Slit DressWith CulottesWith ShortsWith A Skirt


Pictures via Pinterest, Le Fashion and Polienne