Colorful Umbrellas In The Streets Of Portugal

Posted by July 30, 2014 - Design, LIFESTYLE

If you happen to wander down the streets in Agueda, Portugal during the month of July, above your head you will found hundreds of colorful umbrellas providing shade and an amazing sight that evokes a careful, child-like energy.

When looking up from the ground the umbrellas appear to be floating all on their own. Just 3 years ago the first umbrellas ever were hoisted above popular streets as part of the ongoing Ágitagueda art festival. Each year there are slight changes being made  and more and more people come to see the umbrella display with their own eyes.


Without the umbrellas the streets are pretty but plain, and so the art festival brings a refreshing pop of diversity and color to the area. So, not only tourist enjoy the excitement of the umbrella canopies but the locals also enjoy getting their summer shopping done under a bright canopy of refreshing shade.


If you’re lucky enough to have a view above the umbrellas from some of the local apartments, you will be able to see that a thin string runs between the umbrellas in order to hold them up. However, the umbrellas appear magical and if you will be visiting Portugal don’t miss it!