Cold Proof Looks and Ideas For The Office

Posted by November 14, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
cold proof

The cold wave may already have hit your city like it did to Vienna this Saturday, delighting us with some early and enchanting snow that made our morning coffees a teeny bit more Christmassy and magical. Too early, we know, but who doesn’t enjoy a bit of snow? So for all those who had to maximize their cold fashion measures by adding some cosy jumpers and some extra warm tights to their closet this weekend, we thought it would be great to give you some cold-proof office look inspirations in order for you to look fabulous and stay warm at the same time during the next few months.

As crazy as it may sound, cold seasons are NOT boring and there is so much you can do regarding fashion, looks and accessories specially that it just keeps us up all night thinking of the cool combinations to make you look crazy cool form Monday to Friday. We have given you some office looks tips in other occasions, but nothing like a cozy and warm cold-proof look. From our point of view, heading to the office is the greatest way to force yourself to design a new look every morning. We just love knowing that every single one of you creates a whole different outfit every morning. Remember that one of the secrets to always looking great as a woman is taking your time to plan your outfit. Do not underestimate the power of imagining yourself with your next day outfit, this will boost your self-confidence and it will definitely save you some time the next morning. Nothing like actually enjoying your morning coffee while peeking through your daily dose of news and friend’s social updates.

So as we promised, here are some very interesting cold-proof office look street style inspirations and some unbeatable office shoes that will put the cherry on the cake to any of your chosen Monday to Friday outfit during the next cold months.

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Lastly but not least, here are the best cold proof buys to complete your wintery shoe collection this season…


1. SMH High Grey Boots 2. Pat Calvin Brown Combi 3. Fraiche High Brown Boots 4. Tamaris Block Heel Boot 5. Tom Taylor Blue Bootie 6. Pat Calvin Flat Black Bootie 7. Tommy Hilfiger Black Rubber Sole

Pictures via Glamour, Pinterest and Elle