A Perfect Match: The Best Coats And Boots Combos Of The Season

Posted by December 7, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
coats and boots

As Kat from Teastories said in her latest post; there is nothing like wearing oversized pullovers, coats and big scarfs. We could not agree more with you Kat. We believe the cozy feeling of a big coat and some warm winter boots is just perfect. However; because of the cold precisely, we sometimes get ourselves in a coat and boots loop and keep on wearing the same combination day after day or even getting ourselves boots of the same color, rather than combining them on different days. Our duty today is to tell you that the winter loop can be broken and that there are many, many different looks and items that can be combined during the snowy and cold months of the year.

There are so many types of combinations, that we could go on forever. We, at Trendsylvania, love to combine medium length coats with medium length boots however; we also like to consider short length coats with knee-high boots or even very longer coats with very short booties. Why not? There is a pair of boots for everything, really!

Some weeks ago we gave you some awesome jumper and boots combinations, but today we want to show you some coats and boots combinations to use with your chunky winter pullovers. We can feel mother nature has decided to throw a pretty chilly winter on us this year so why not get ready before the official winter starts in two weeks’ time. So it is time to treat your toes and precious bodies to some warm coats and boots. Here are some of the best cold-proof combos we could think of, on this cold European morning. We are ready Mother Nature, bring it on!

Bershka Red Puffy Coat / Hugo Boss Black Chunky Boots

Mango Blue Wool Coat / Vigneron Brown High Boots

Bershka Navy Long Coat / Ugg Michelle Brown Boots

Bershka Biker Jacket / Gabor Brown Sole Boot

Zara Green Fury Coat / Gamloong High Boots

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