10 Pieces You Should Clean Out Of Your Wardrobe

Posted by January 7, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

Cleaning and clearing out the wardrobe is a common New Year’s Resolution. Unfortunately, saying goodbye to clothes can be really cruel and feel like breaking up with some pieces of your wardrobe. So we often procrastinate and postpone this process. Cleaning out therefore has to be done systematically. What helps a lot, is to lay down some rules that decide about either you keep a certain piece or toss it. 

This 10 signs will show you that you have a lot of stuff that you REALLY don’t need anymore. So if you recognize the following situations you better throw out the implied piece.

PS.: The new free space in your wardrobe can now be filled up with some new items ;) 

Better TOSS…

1. The pants you bought and hoped that one day they will fit. This was 3 years ago.

2. The shirt that looked so hippie and fun at the market stand in Bali but in reality it doesn’t match anything of your wardrobe. 

3. The High Heels that are super sexy but never made it out of your apartment because your feet already hurt when looking at them.

4. Your most-worn jumper that you already have for years – as one can also see.

5. That really chic dress that always slips out of position and you constantly have to adjust.

6. Everything that itches, tweaks, pinches, spans…

7. Worn out shoes.

8. The skirt you just put on and off five times because somehow you don’t feel comfortable with it on.

9. “I can maybe use this when I am painting my flat.” – Worst excuse ever. 

10. All the stuff that you have not worn once in the last two seasons.